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Phil Hogg: MOD Leader / Lead Artist

Phil has been in the games industry for 8 years, and has provided graphics for games such as Colin the Coin, and Baby Boom. He has had an interest in modding games from an early age, starting with Doom 2. He qualified from university with a degree in Creative Visualisation and currently works in the UK Civil Service. He lives in the UK with his wife.

Paul Kital: 3d Artist

Paul currently lives in the United States. He started to get into 3d at an early age, by folding a Sonic the Hedgehog Super Emerald from paper with no instructions. He continues to enjoy to fold origami for fun. Paul also studies 3d design at school. He has previously worked on other unreleased projects but is currently working on mods for both Red Alert 3 and Half Life 2.

Kevin Bennett : Sound Artist

Kevin is a musician and sound designer living in the UK. He has worked on audio and/or music for indie games 'Boom Box' and 'International King of Wine'. He is qualified with a degree in Music Technology and plays piano and guitar. He is currently working on sound design for the Red Alert 3 Unleashed mod.

Casey Fallon: Concept Artist

Casey is 22 and from Reading, Massachusetts. He's currently a senior, majoring in Graphic Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He enjoys playing games and is currently obsessed with Starcraft 2. His aim was to start creating concept art for video games as soon as possible (which he now does for Red Alert 3: Unleashed). He focuses on environments but can design vehicles, characters, and props as well.

James Richards: Concept Artist

James is from near the small town Southam in Warckishire, England. He graduated from the DeMontfort University in Graphic Design and illustration. He’s worked with the successful Appchogie Studio, working on titles such as Undead Fred, Night Terrors and Dr Dropz. Now he works with AXK Games, Zulteck and Star Mod as well as The RA3 Unleashed Team.