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Competition to name Children of the Sun units...

Our competition to name 12 Children of the Sun units has now finished and the winners are as follows: 

Unit 1: Wraith Trooper (45.11%)

Unit 2: Seeker (40.77%)

Unit 3: Reaver (69.70)

Unit 4: Brainwave (50.77)

Unit 5: Kamui (47.69%)

Unit 6: Kappa (62.60%)

Unit 7: Youkai (61.07%)

Unit 8: Kami-Carrier (63.64%)

Unit 9: Tenshi (77.44%)

Unit 10: Dragonfly (43.18%)

Unit 11: Jiten (55.30%)

Unit 12: Amaterasu (54.20%) 

Thank you to all those who participated. Our website will be updated shortly.
Posted by Philip Hogg on Saturday 14th August 2010
Comment posted by tudor on Friday 19th August 2011

hi i would have a sugestion for a children of the sun unit name. the name is ''Yamato's Salvation'' or something similar. the unit could be something like a big slow powerfull flying ship whith some badass abilities or a powerfull superweapon with a long cooldown(Yamato's cannon).this unit should be a hero unit so you can build only one of them. the unit should be unusable without yurico inside ( it works using yurico's psionic energy). if you like the idea send an email at
hope you like it and i love the work you are doing guys