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United Coalition: Battle Miner

United Coalition: Refinery

We've updated our gallery with ingame images of the United Coalition Battle Miner, designed by Phil Chin.

See our Youtube channel for information videos on all our units and more.

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Posted by Philip Hogg on Saturday 1st October 2011
Comment posted by OjamaM1 on Thursday 10th May 2012

I'm So looking forward to when you finish! I hope its soon!!!

Comment posted by Laxman on Friday 31st August 2012

when can i expect a download

Comment posted by supmuanu on Saturday 15th December 2012

how can i download this

Comment posted by Jeremy on Monday 1st July 2013

This mod is dead. RIP

Comment posted by Alvaro on Monday 8th July 2013

Lastima pero este mod ha muerto pese a sus espectativas y la buena pinta que tenia.
Espero que no le pase lo mismo a paradox