United Coalition

The Allied Forces signed a new peace treaty with the Soviets, and after years of peace the Allied forces were disbanded. The Soviets had waited for this moment and with strategically placed politicians, they took the lead in creating the United Coalition. With the combined strength of the Allied and Japanese scientists they enhance many of the Soviet technologies creating new weapons of war.

  • Build System - 100% deployment time, with animation of drones putting building together.
  • Money System - Refinery. Ore collector carries more, but is slower than FT version.
  • Tech System - Tech building upgrades all buildings to Tier 2 then has a buyable upgrade for Tier 3.
  • Expansion System - Deployable mobile crane from War Factory.


FutureTech was the driving force for new and advanced technology for the Allied forces. FutureTech were not happy with the new Soviet regime of the United Coaltion and decided to keep the best of their technology for themselves. It was decided by the managing directors that FutureTech Corporation would make a much better leader in the world, but the only way to take control would be to force the United Coalition to accept their superior power.

  • Build System - 50% build time, 50% deployment time, with beaming animation.
  • Money System - Refinery. Ore collector carries less than UC but moves quicker between mine and refinery.
  • Tech System - Tier 2 and Tier 3 are buyable upgrades at the Conyard. Requires relay to be built to get T2 upgrade. T3 requires T2 upgrade. Once researched all relays on the map are upgraded to that tech level.
  • Expansion System - Deployable outpost with larger range than UC Mobile Crane

Children of the Sun

Left alone, Yuriko decided that the only way for her to exist in this world was to make it her own and take revenge on the world. Over the last 26 years she created an army in secret, using her own genetic code and cloning technology acquired from her time in the Japanese and FutureTech prisons. Taking the momentary destabilisation of the world powers to her advantage, Yuriko and the Children of the Sun strike.

  • Build System - 100% build time minus 3 second animation of building coming together looks like its constructed by telekinesis
  • Money System - Refinery, with 3 Ore Clones. Ore Clones can be built at refinery.
  • Tech System - Tech building upgrades all buildings with a certain range. Has 2 tech structures
  • Expansion System - Deployable outpost with larger range than UC Mobile Crane. Code permitting - Outpost built from a War factory within range of a tech structure gains the tech level of that tech structure, when deployed all structures built within outpost range have the same tech level as outpost.