United Coalition - Infantry


The Doberman is the United Coalitions scout unit, lightly armoured but his bark is just as bad as his bite.

Gauss Trooper

The Gauss Trooper is armed with a rapid firing gauss gun that will rip through enemy infantry,. He also carries a portable mortar that he can be unpacked to fire at enemy units, structures and walls, it can also de-garrison occupied structures.

EM Rocketeer

The EM Rocketeer is armed with an Electromagnetic rocket launcher that can damage and temporarily stun enemy vehicles, It can also place mines in the ground invisible to your enemy

TeslaMagnet Warrior

The TeslaMagnet Warrior is the advanced version of the Tesla Trooper, armed with a more compact version of the tesla gun which makes him move and fire faster. If an enemy tank tries to escape thats no problem for the TeslaMagnet Warriors tractor beam secondary mode.


The United Coalition Engineer can repair friendly or capture enemy structures, it can also infiltrate enemy structures. (Note secondary will be unlocked at tier 2 or have a timer like the capture building)

Major Schaefer

Major Schaefer is the United Coalitions elite commando units with a rapid firing machine gun that can rip through infantry, tanks and buildings there isn't much that can slow this guy down, his secondary is a magnetic flash bang grenade that can stun infantry and tanks.

United Coalition - Vehicles

Panic Drone

Based on the Terror Drone, the Panic Drone can enter a vehicle and rip it apart from the inside out. When in a hurry to get away fast, the Panic drone can curl up and roll away when on land.


The next stage of tesla technology built into a heavily armoured tank. The Hurricane lives up to it's name in secondary mode by deploying a modified tesla generator to create a tesla storm above it which strikes at both air and ground units.

Ripper X-4

The Ripper X-4 is based on a combination of the FutureTank and the Grinder with 2 big neutron cannons for massive damage. In secondary mode it uses a swirling vortex of neutrons that can rip through most units and buildings that get in front of it.

Infantry Battle Vehicle (IBV)

The Infantry Battle Vehicle (IBV) is the big brother of the IFV. Capable of crushing smaller units and holding up to 4 infantry, this monster makes a formidable unit against even larger armies.

Proton Tank

The Proton tank, simply put, uses Proton Collider technology to flatten most structures. In precision shot mode it can reach further and be more accurate but with less damage.

Mobile Crane

The Mobile Crane can unpack into an outpost with a small buildable area. Each Crane depoyed adds a building tab, allowing more than one structure to be built at one time.

Mobile Construction Vehicle

The United Coalition's Mobile Construction Vehicle is more armoured than their enemy's but its speed suffers as a result. This Vehicle - like its counterparts - unpacks into a construction yard enabling the United Coalition to expand and base build.

Battle Miner

The Battle Miner is built to last. It can protect itself with a mounted gauss gun. But depending on it's rate of fire, the unit speed is impacted.

United Coalition - Navy


The Unite Coalition has tamed the great white shark to use in its war against its enemies, armed with a mini gauss gun this unit can scout the sea's for the enemy, it can also ram enemy ships for maximum damage.


The Penetrator is a basic infantry transport able to carry many men onto the battlefield for deployment. To protect it's self it carries a rail gun which can easily pick of enemy infantry. However it's light armour means it's an easy target for heavier tanks.


The Seawolf is the next evolution of the akula sub armed with torpideos its sales the sea's looking for enemies to kill, it has 2 modes normal and speedy, in speedy mode it is alot faster when submerged but has a longer surface and firing time.


The Panzerschiffe is the United coalition capital ship armed with nuclear rockets which leave behind a devastating nuclear pubble this ship can kill masses of units in just a few shots, its secondary is Leaky Bombs which leave a trail of radiation from the ship to the target killing infantry that walk across it instantly and causeing heavy damage to any tank unit unlucky enought to walk into the radiation.


The Warthog uses the United Coalition's patented Gauss technology to take out enemy aircraft. While it requires longer reload times, the high speed projectiles do massive damage. It can also switch on a magnetic field which repels metal projectiles for short periods.

United Coalition - Aircraft

Assault Chopper

Used for hit and run attacks, the Assault Chopper has small asernal of rockets which has to be replenished from the Helipad.


So successful was the MIG design that the United Coalition brought it back into service. The MIG-26 is fitted with dual gauss guns allowing it to shred opposing aircraft with high speed projectiles.


The Cobra is the Proton tank of the skies. It also carries a large supply of Proton bombs which can be dropped from above for an effective attack on stationary targets.