United Coalition - Structures List

Construction Yard

Based on tried and tested technology, it is a vital part of the United Coalition base. Like it's predecessors, it can pack up into a Mobile Construction Vehicle.

Required Tech - Mobile Constructon Vehicle

Power Plant

This structure powers the United Coalition war machine.

Required Tech - Construction Yard


Sturdy, but crudely built, the United Coalition barracks takes in those eager cadets, and turns them into fighting machines, or cannon fodder. You choose!

Required Tech - Construction Yard


The place where ore is brought to be turned into credits. Comes with one ore truck with the option to build more.

Required Tech - Power Plant

War Factory

A machine rather than a building, the War Factory churns out your tanks and metal vehicles.

Required Tech - Refinery


Built to last, any ships commissioned at the docks has a guarantee not to leak. At least until you take them into battle!

Required Tech - Refinery

Tech Lab

Provides access to Tier 2 units and structures, access to Tier 3 is a purchased upgrade.

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery


Deploy up to two rotary based units from this building. Units have to return here to stock up on ammo.

Required Tech - Tech Lab (Tech Level 2)


This thick and heavy armoured wall blocks enemy ground movement, and can be built quickly

Tech Required - Construction Yard

Rail Gun

Using gauss technology, this rapid firing gun protects your base from both air and ground attacks.

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery

Tesla Twin

Enhanced dual tesla technology allows this advanced base defence to frazzle your victims, or using sycronised rotorary motion, produce double the spark for short periods.

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery, Tech Lab (Tech level 2)


This turret uses magnetic fields to disable and pull in enemy tanks within range, leaving them unable to move forward or fire for a short time.

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery, Tech Lab (Tech level 3)


The Electro-Magnetic Armour Projector magnetises the amour of units so that it temporarily repells metal projectiles (such as bullets and missles).

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery


This Super Weapon uses the United Coalitions advanced magnetic technology to pull an asteroid down from space to any target location to obliterate units or bases.

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery, Tech Lab (Tech level 2)

Nuclear Silo

This is the United Coalition's Ultimate Weapon. Discovered with the aid of an unpublished Eistein paper on nuclear fusion, the Nuke is capable of destroying entire bases with a single missile.

Required Tech - Power Plant, Refinery, Tech Lab (Tech level 3)