FutureTech - Infantry


The Rover is an unarmed hovering drone with mirage disguise capabilities. When in secondary mode it can stealth to evade enemy eyes.

Riot Droid

The Riot Droid is Future Techs Anti Infantry Infantry unit, it uses a light laser weapon. It can also suicide itself on units or into garrisoned structures to un-garrison them.

Spec Trooper

The Spec Trooper carries the most lightweight version of the Specular Dispersion Cannon. He is able to take out most medium armoured tanks with ease. His Specular Dispersion Gun is also equipped with the latest anti-air targeting. Although the weight of the weapon slows him down in anti-air mode, he makes light work of enemy aircraft.


The Quicksilver is FutureTechs infiltration unit, with the ability to disguise itself as the enemy this unit has no problem spying on your foe. Its secondary is a 1 use c4 bomb that can be planted into enemy structures.

Link Trooper

The Link Trooper is the next evolution of the Spec Trooper. While by itself his Link-Gun is similar in power to the Spec Trooper, it's damage is significantly increased the more Link Troopers are connected.

FutureTech Mechanic

Low paid and hard working. The FutureTech Mechanic can capture enemy buildings. He can also set up a vehicle repair workshop that can repair nearby friendly vehicles.

Corporate Commando

The Corporate Commando is the peak of the FutureTech corporate ladder. Armed with a unique Dimension Distortion Ray and with the ability to buy out enemy buildings, he is a formidible unit indeed.

FutureTech - Vehicles


Designed for quick deployment onto the battlefield, the Killbot is an autonomous lightweight tank, designed to take out infantry units with it's rapid firing laser. It can overload it's cannon for a faster rate of fire, but prolonged use can damage the KillBot.

Chrono Transport

The Chrono Transport carries men and uses chrono technology to deploy them onto the battle field. While defenceless against ground troops, it sports an anti-air protectile energy weapon.

Spec Tank

The backbone of the FutureTech tank division, the Spec Tank is armed with a Specular Dispersion Cannon. In secondary mode, it can repair other vehicles with a reverse engineered version of the Hammer tank's leech beam.

Temporal Tank

The Temporal Tank uses the Specular Pulse technology to allow for continuous weapon fire with devastating effect. When all else fails, the Temporal Tank can deploy a time dilation field which slows down time for all enemy units.


The Detonator uses chrono technology to transport explosive warheads directly into buildings and tanks.

Mobile Uplink Beacon

The Mobile Uplink Beacon is an amphibious surveying unit, which can unpack into an Uplink Beacon, allowing you to expand your base to the further reaches of the map.

Quantum Collector

The Quantum Collector, collects ore to fuel the Future Tech corporate machine, It is equipped with a time dilation device that enables it to completely stop time for all units around it.

Mobile Satellite Vehicle

The Mobile Satellite Vehicle is an amphibious unit that can unpack into the Satellite Centre. This allows FutureTech to use it's advanced satellite system to transmits both structure construction orders and targeting coordinates.

FutureTech - Navy


The Siganus is a submersible drone. Armed with torpedoes, it can also surface to use it's powerful laser gatling-gun, which requires a long warmup and cooldown.

Sachsen Cruiser

The Sachsen Cruiser is an amphibious naval unit. It's torpedoes are more powerful than the Siganus' and can use it's cannon on land. It also has the ability to inititate a freeze pulse that can freeze enemy units and the waters that surround it.

Montana Battleship

The Montana Battleship is the flagship of the FutureTech naval fleet. Armed with a battery of cannons that fire energy bombs, it can make quick work of any building within striking distance of shore. FutureTech have also been able to outfit the Montana with a time device that allows it to travel back into it's own past.


The Aegis anti air ship is armed with laser guided rockets to make light work or enemy aircraft, when it uses its secondary it releases all its rockets at once on a single target.

FutureTech - Aircraft

Wildcat Fighter

The Wildcat is FutureTech's answer to any rival fighter plane. Armed with laser guided projectiles, the skies above FutureTech are safer with the Wildcat in their airspace.

Tactical Avenger

The Tactical Avenger is a fast hit and run bomber, used for tactical strikes on your enemy.


The Gyrodyne has dual mounted cannons that are lethal to ground units, and the ability to launch a nanite missle into a structure to literaly eat it from the inside out.


The Lockheed is a giant flying vehicle transport ship, it is able to carry 2 low tier tanks or 1 tier 3 tank and deploy them anywhere on the battlefield.


The Zeus is FutureTech's heavy bomber aircraft, it can level enemy structures or unit easily with its energy bomb payload, it is also equipped with EMP bombs that it can scatter over an area of the battlefield.