FutureTech - Structures List

Satellite Centre

Unlike the Children of the Sun and United Coalition, Future Tech employ an orbiting satellite that uses energy which is trasmitted and converted into matter, generating any building you need.

Tech required: Mobile Satellite Vechile (MSV)

Fusion Plant

The more technology you use, the more power it uses. Fusion is the way forward!

Tech required: Satellite Centre


Using the same technology as the other production structures, the barracks converts energy into matter to produce new and destructive weapons of war, all to fit in the palm of your troops' hands!

Tech required: Satellite Centre


The place where ore is brought to be turned into credits. Comes with one ore truck with the option to build more.

Tech required: Fusion Plant

War Factory

To construct your vehicles, the war factory will receive the appropriate amount of energy from the Orbitting Station to its recevier dish.

Tech required: Refinery


Like the Airbase, the shipyard produces some of the most advanced naval science in the world.

Tech required: Refinery

Relay Station

Upgrade your technology level at the Satellite Centre, and the Replay station provides any building within it's radius with new technology to the same level.

Tech required: Fusion Plant, Refinery


With hangers to construct return aircraft and a main hanger to construct larger aircraft that don't require refueling, the airbase allows Future Tech to control the skys.

Tech required: Fusion Plant, Refinery

Spectrum Grid

Using mutliple percision spectrum dispersion cannons, the Spectrum Grid will keep back most foes. Any that get through, will be a little singed around the edges!

Tech required: Satellite Centre

Mounted Spec Turret

The Spectrum Mounted Turrent uses lower powered shots allowing for the twin spectrum cannons to have faster rate of fire. This Turret has 2 buyable upgrades: Improved Targeting Laser allowing it to fire at air units and a dmg boost upgrade.

Tech required: Fusion Plant

Spectrum Platform

The final evolution of Spectrum technology, the Spectrum platform. Able to sustain longer burts of power, most units won't be able to survive long.

Tech required: Relay Station (tech level 3)

Light Refracting Tower

The LRT can bend light so that any friendly units and buildings within it's range will appear invisbile to the enemy eye.

Tech required: Relay Station (tech level 2)


A tried and tested weapon in the Future Tech arsenal. Instantly transport units anywhere on the battlefield. The process is fatal to infantry.

Tech required: Fusion Plant, Refinery

Spectrum Spotlight

Use the Future Tech Orbitting Station to shine a little light on your foes. Be warned, you may want to use Sun block!

Tech required: Fusion Plant, Airbase, Relay Station (tech level 2)

Nanite Bomb

Uplinks to the orbiting satellite to send a mixture of metal and flesh eating nanites to the target location. Watch as your enemies base gets eaten on a molecular level!

Tech required: Fusion Plant, Refinery, Relay Station (tech level 3)