Children of the Sun - Infantry


Yuriko has tamed the mind of the siberian tiger turning them obedient pets who enjoy feasting on enemy infantry.

Child of Yuriko

A product of cheap cloning, the Child lacks the psychic powers of Yuriko, and it therefore armed with an AK47. The Child also carries grenades that can de-garisson a structure or damage multiple units.

Wraith Trooper

The Wraith Trooper uses a Channeled Energy Weapon to focus all the psionic energy from it's mind into a beam which can tear through enemy armour. The Wraith Trooper can also channel this energy in a different form which disables enemy vehicles.


The Assasin is an infantry's worst nightmare. With one shot to the head he can take out a unit. Unable to defend himself against vehicles, the Assasin can boost his adrenaline levels to jump and escape onto higher ground or into the middle of a battle.


Fueled by it's rage, the Crusher uses telekentic powers to slowly crush units, damaging and slowing them. If all else fails, the Crusher can kill a vehicle's driver and take it over.


Yurkio is an uncontained monster, using her terrifying psionic powers to rip apart anything that stands in her way.


The Engineer can capture enemy structures or repair friendly structures. His secondary is "Fix it" which can repair friendly structures for free but it takes a long time to repair.


A unit first for Red Alert 3, the Medium is a support infantry unit which is unarmed. It emits a passive field which heals allied infantry and a scream which gives them a damage and armour buff for a short period.

Children of the Sun - Vehicles


The Seeker uses rockets to fire at air units and ground units alike. It's secondary can target any ground or water vehicles with a special energy which lowers the armour.


The Reaver is armed with a rapid firing machine gun for killing infantry. It has the ability to heal itself when damaged but this renders the machine gun unusable for a short time.


The Doombringer carries a surplus of fuel so when a standard tank shell won't do the job, igniting the ground around it will.


The Brainwave carries a psychic wave weapon able to take out most heavily armoured tanks. In stationary mode this versitile vehicle is an asset on the battlefield, as it can support your army with it's damage boost and large visbility radius.


Able to take out structures at long range, the Kamui uses high yield tank shells, and radiate psychic energy that damages all units within range over time.

Scud Transporter

The Scud Transport can transport up to 5 infantry. If an Engineer or Medium is placed in the Scud it will heal any allied infantry within range. If a Child of Yuriko is placed in the Scud it gains a small rapid firing machine gun. These abilities do not stack or combine.

Ore Clones

The Ore Clone is an advanced infantry mining unit. It uses telekinesis to float the ore above itself as it moves. The Ore Clone can defend itself by focusing all its psychic powers into a shield where it becomes almost invincible but will be unable to mine ore or move. 2 Ore Clones are spawned at every CotS refinery but carry 50% of the load each.

Mobile Epi Vehicle

The Mobile Epi Vehicle unpacks into a Epi-Centre allowing the Children of the Sun to channel psychic energy to allow building construction.

Children of the Sun - Navy


The Namor feels right at home in the sea. This sea mutant can take water in through it's gills and shoot jets from it's mouth. Able to dive great depths it can evade enemy fire for a short period of time.


The Kappa has the same energy based weapon as the Pulse Tower but can only target air units.


This amphibious unit uses torpidoes on water, and a machine gun on land. The Youkai also carries the unique ability to transform into stationary turret, diverting all motive energy to it's gun. However this transformation is permanent.

Matter Spitter

This unusual unit, sucks both water and soil matter in from beneath the unit and converts it into pure energy to power it's weapon. The Matter Spitter can also produce a vortex of matter that damages enemies as it circles it.


Loosely designed on an Aircraft carrier, the Kami-Carrier sends suicide drone crashing into the enemy leaving burning fuel to continue the destruction. The Kami-Carrier can also launch a small barrage of missiles to do fire damage over a wider area.

Children of the Sun - Aircraft


Outfitted with a pulsing version of the Channeled Energy Weapon, the Tenshi can make short work of enemy aircraft. However, the channeled energy is stored in batteries which must be charged when empty.


The Dragonfly is fitted with a small machine gun, but further damages ground enemies with intermittent psychic pulses from it's pilot.


The Jiten uses high damage projectiles and can detonate a psychic blast at the sacrifice of it's own health. On destruction, the units pilot, a Crusher, is ejected to land safely below it.


The Amaterasu can enlarge allied units enabling them to crush those beneath them. It can also boost other units' health in one shot, but this ability takes time to recharge.